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On this page you will find frequently asked questions regarding Jobportal. If you can't find an answer to your question or if you want more information, the best way to contact us is to send an email to or call us at 020 734 6902.

Publish a job advertisement

You can post a job advertisement for free by registering as an employer or by logging in if you already have an employer account. When you register, you will be asked for your name, email address and to create a password. We recommend that you choose a work email address. Registration does not bind you to anything. Register as an employer here.

After registration, you can fill in your company information, and add your logo and company profile. For a job advertisement, you need job information, a text for the job advertisement, a cover photo, and an URL where you want to receive applications (*optional).

We search job advertisements from open public sources, such as the TE services website. The job advertisement will show if the source is TE services and therefore the application will be directed to the address indicated in the TE services website.


We will automatically create login credentials for you when we have retrieved a job advertisement from an open source. You can use your account to edit the job advertisement - for example its content and appearance, or where incoming applications are directed.


If no changes are made, the applications will always be directed to the email address given in TE services website. We will contact you by email, if your job advertisement receives an application through Jobportal. We suggest that you change your password during first login.


I didn't get a new password


You can request a new password on the login page by clicking "Lost your password? Reset it here" field. We will send a new password to the given email address. In case you have trouble with resetting your password, you can contact our customer service at or call us at 020 734 6902.


Deleting an account

If you would like to delete your account, please contact us at or call us at 020 734 6902.

To publish a job advertisement, you must first login as an employer. If you are logging in for the first time after registration, you will need to fill in your company details in the My information section. Add your company name, the name and email of the recruiter, company phone number, logo, business ID and address. You can also add the company’s web address and a company profile. This information will be displayed at the end of your job advertisement. If the job is posted from an open source, some of your company information will already be filled in.

Sharing an account with another person


You can share your company profile with other people by adding their name and email in the "personal details" section. The added users will receive an email,which contains log in credentials. These people will also receive the same emails as the profile creator and see everything the profile creator sees.


When you remove a user from the list, they will not be able to login to their profile with their previous credentials. You can add the same user again after deletion. They will then be sent new credentials to login with. Please note that you cannot add a user who is already registered as a jobseeker on Jobportal to your employer profile.

Reactivation of the job advertisement


Our system also stores expired published job advertisements. You can go back to old job advertisements and view their statistics. You can also reactivate your old job advertisement. You can find your old job advertisements under "inactive". If you have previously purchased a campaign package for an advertisement that you want to reactivate – you can activate it without worry, you will not be charged for reactivation. If you want to reactivate a campaign package for that advertisement, you can do so by clicking "Buy a campaign package" after activation.

I can't post a job

If you receive an error message when posting a job, please contact us by email at or by phone at 020 734 6902. We will always resolve problems as soon as possible and be in touch with you.

You can edit a job advertisement by logging in with your login and selecting the"‘Open" button. At the top and bottom of the advertisement you will find the "Edit" button. Remember to save your edits to the advertisement by clicking "Publish’" at the end of the advertisement. You can preview the advertisement before publishing.


If you want to delete a job advertisement, please log in and select "Delete" under the job advertisement.

You can add multiple companies under the same username. You can change the company from the left-hand side of the page and create completely customized job ads and campaigns for different companies. You can submit a new job advertisement by pressing "Post Job" or " Create a new job post" and filling in the details in the form.

From your company profile you can view the received applications. You will be notified by email when you have received new applications to the advertisement. Jobportal allows you to communicate directly with the applicant and easily carry out the following steps of the recruitment process.

You can log in to your company profile by entering the email and password you used to create it. If, on the other hand, you have received an email from us stating that your job is published on Jobportal, you can log in with the credentials provided in this email. We recommend that you always change your password on first login. You can find expired job advertisements in your profile, under ‘inactive’. You can reactivate them.


You cannot use the same email to register as an employer and as a jobseeker. 


If you can’t login to your profile, please contact our customer service by email at or call us at 020 734 6902.

Submitting a job advertisement on Jobportal is currently the cheapest and perhaps the easiest solution on the market to reach jobseekers. Thousands of people already visit our job search site every month. Our visitor numbers are growing all the time and new jobseekers are registering every day.

  • Publish your advertisement on one place where jobseereks can easily visit.
  • Possibility to arrange candidates according to their suitability for the job.
  • Possibility to leave notes on the candidate for other people involved in the recruitment process.
  • You can invite other members of the recruitment team to join you in the recruitment process.
  • You can easily keep in touch with the applicant about the progress of the recruitment through the ATS system.

If you want to make sure that your ad reaches the right target audience, our campaign packages will ensure it does. Professionally targeted recruitment advertising ensures visibility of your ad. The campaign is also making sure that your job advertisement is shown to potential job seekers wherever they spend their time.

  • Reach more applicants and boost your employer image on social media.
  • Manage jobseekers and create a positive jobseeker experience for them.
  • Our services are ideal for example your first recruitment.

Campaign packages

You can promote your job ad on the Jobportal and social media by purchasing a campaign package. Jobportal currently has four different paid campaign packages to meet your company’s recruitment needs. For more information on the campaign packages, click on here .


Campaign packages are using illustrations from Jobportal. Currently, customers’ own branded imagery cannot be used in marketing. However, we recommend that you add your company logo and any promotional images to the job advertisement. You can also add distinctive features to your advertisement by using different text formatting.

Campaigns take the job opening to where the applicants are. Visibility on applicants’ smart devices and social media can attract even more passive jobseekers. Passive jobseekers are those who are ready to change jobs but are not actively looking for a new one or are focused on specific companies and their openings.


Not all companies want to buy recruitment services to support their recruitment because it is expensive. They also want to invest in recruiting their first employee, but not necessarily thousands of euros. Jobportal was created to fill this gap. We want to offer the smaller players in the market the opportunity to successfully recruit and find a new employee. We offer employers affordable campaign packages to increase the visibility of their advertisement. By advertising a job on Jobportal, we can reach active jobseekers through recruitment channels, email and targeted social media marketing.


The most profitable campaign package for reaching out to jobseekers is Social media starThe job ad will appear on the front page, first in search results and targeted on social media for €50 or the amount you set. The advertising will be carried out by a professional Marketing Agency Mediaspark.

  • The best candidates may not be actively looking for a new job, but are still open to new opportunities.
  • Targeted digital advertising is only a fraction of the cost of a recruitment agency
  • Marketing agency is taking care of for the effective distribution of the ad on social media to the target audience.
  • The marketing agency has up-to-date expertise in the rapidly changing digital world.

Did you know that advertising your job search on social media is restricted by discriminatory practices? Those who have done ad targeting already know how poor targeting can ruin the results of an entire campaign. A bad recruitment campaign can negatively impact other campaigns your company runs that are being handled from the same advertising account. We don’t want this for you and therefore encourage you to use sites already identified as job search sites for job advertising on social media. Sites that are already identified as being associated with job search on social media, such as Jobportal , will reach jobseekers better.


On average, a job advertisement with a Social media star campaign bought without any additional money gets 250 reads. This is influenced by factors such as the vacancy itself, the popularity of the sector and the employer image of the company. For the most popular sectors, the Social media star campaign without additional money has an average of 450 reads.